3rd Time's a Charm

This was my very first blogging platform.

my first pc.JPG

It's name is QBert. It was made by Storage Tek sometime in the nineteen hundreds, and at the time it was considered the pinnacle of personal, portable computing technology. Also, Ziggy was considered the pinnacle of humor. The 80s, man, I tell you what. 

You see, my father's job at Storage Technology Corportation/Storage Tek/STC/The Only Thing North of Arvada and South of Boulder for all of the 80's/STK/Something Oracle Owns Now was to break stuff. Yes, my father had the coolest job of all time. They built it; he broke it. Now, I had no idea why a data storage company wanted to break into the personal computer market, but I was 5. I had no idea where babies came from, either, but I DID know that my dad brought home a magic box which outweighed me - considerably - but it had a handle so portable! personal! voodoo! and that magic box let me write stuff called code. IN A MAGIC LANGUAGE. That code turned into chess games and journals that locked with passwords and EV-ER-Y-THANG.

Because, you see, you have to be smarter than the guy that builds the machine in order to figure out how to break what he's built, and if you can't figure out how to, you just need to have more and smarter kids than he does.

So my father taught us how to write code and we coded games and diaries and stuff. I'm going to my brother's this weekend, where Qbert has quietly been living in a storage closet, and I'm going to bring him home with me and add a slide of his blood to the collection of blogs I've killed. Which is starting to outnumber the hamsters. Which is really a terrifying statement. 

I'm truly curious as to whether or not Qbert will still power up, and whether or not I'll still remember how to access the journal I coded and kept on it. Talk about your penultimate 'revisit your first post' moment. Pretty sure if it's there, this will be my exact response.  

It's weird to think that I've been kind-of-blogging since nineteen eighty-something, but I've always preferred typing my diaries over writing them out. I know some people think we lose something in the translation to type-face, but I think that there are no constants in the world except death, taxes, and that I'll never be able to figure out why stupid video games can't be paused anymore. 

You do anything for long enough and it changes. It has to - bodies in motion and apples and silly wigs and all. This blog, my story, it's always shifting and changing and fine-tuning itself. When I first started my blog, I just called it twenty-something mom, which was ah-mazingly seo'd and someone please punch me for letting that go. But I turned 30 and it obviously had to change. And then Mr Lady happened and it all had to change again. And then I wasn't a Denver blogger anymore, and then I moved to Wordpress, and then I left my husband, and then I went back to him, and then I wasn't a Canadian blogger anymore, and then I took a big leap of faith and started really-really writing, and then I moved to Squarespace, and now I don't have one single kid who drinks out of a sippy cup but I do have an almost-ex husband who drank a lot of whiskey a lot of the time, so I think it's high time for things to change once again. 

Hence the new blog. I figured I should explain it, however ineloquently.  I just can't run around the internet talking about how horrible it was being married to an alcoholic under a drunk-o-blog url anymore.

And so beginneth chapter three of Me, The Blog. Whiskey in my Sippy Cup was an awesome trip; it changed everything - connected me to friends I never could have met otherwise, helped me trip and fall on the love of my life, and landed me the second coolest job on earth, next to my dad's old one. Most importantly, it helped me realize that I was worth all of those things. It'll still be here, archived in the sidebar, and I don't even know that much is going to change now, except maybe they're be a little less Mr Lady and a little more Shannon. Because we're different people. It's confusing. Shut up.

I'll probably jack the redirects and feeds all up, so if you still read blogs in a reader, and if you still read this one, A) I'm sorry and B) here's where to subscribe to this site by RSS, and here by email.  The good news is that I'm actually pretty good at doing things in threes. My third serious boyfriend giggle is pretty awesome, my three kids totally don't suck, and so there is hope for this third iteration of my time as an online memoir sharer person type. 

And thanks for sticking around. You rule.