My daughter and I laid in bed this morning, talking over a snuggle. She'd had a really bad dream, so I had her give it to me so she could be done with it. After she gave me her dream, she decided this was probably a good time to figure out this whole human sexuality thing. Because Wednesday.

Mom, do you know anyone who is gay?

  • Sure do, honey. We have lots of family friends that are gay, and your Auntie C and Auntie M? Your cousins' moms? in case you hadn't noticed, they're both girls. 

Do gay people make fun of each other for being gay?

  • Nope, not really.

Do not-gay people make fun of gay people?

  • All the time, sugar. 


  • Well, sometimes because they're scared of things that are different than they are. Sometimes they think people should stop being gay. Sometimes they're just jerks.

Like the jerks in Diary of a Wimpy Kid?

  • Just like those jerks, yup.

Can people can stop being gay?

  • Can you stop being right-handed?

I could try. 

  • It wouldn't work. Writing with your left hand doesn't make you not right-handed. Can you stop having green eyes? I think a world that didn't have anyone with green eyes would be pretty boring. In fact, I think a world where everyone was the same would be terrible. 

Me too. Mom, why do they call it Gay?

  • I don't know, honestly. It's kind of a ridiculous thing to call a type of person, isn't it?

Yeah, I think we should call gay people something else.

  • And what do you think is better?

*thinks for a while* How about human beings?

  • I think that sounds perfect.