My life list.

  1. Own a home.
  2. Plant (and not kill) a vegetable garden.
  3. …and cook with my children from it.
  4. Stand on another continent.
  5. Learn to write with my left hand.
  6. Write my book proposal.
  7. Buy the wedding dress I always dreamed of having.
  8. Drive west until I run out of gas.
  9. Speak to a really, really large group of people. Really.
  10. Play a song on the guitar.
  11. Speak to my mother.
  12. Foster/adopt a child.
  13. Own a brand new car.
  14. Knit a blanket.
  15. See anyone's Maryanne walkin' away.
  16. Build a coffee table.
  17. Camp in every state.
  18. Learn photoshop.
  19. Figure out my camera.
  20. Be Disgrasian of the Weak. (I think this counts) -done
  21. Get a college degree.
  22. Take swing dance lessons.
  23. Be published in a major newspaper/magazine.
  24. Meet the President of the United States.
  25. Own my own business. Like, ‘on paper’ own it.
  26. Bake a great cake.
  27. Be one of Karen's 1000 faces.
  28. Sail through Venice.
  29. Change a child’s life for the better.
  30. Cover an entire wall in words.
  31. Sew a (decent) dress.
  32. Walk a Scottish golf course.
  33. Do a cartwheel.
  34. Build a Japanese garden with my son.
  35. Try Bikram Yoga.
  36. Attend a birth.
  37. Get matching dye pumps from Payless for a formal gown. (see, #7)
  38. Have a conversation with The Tick. - done
  39. Build a coffee table.
  40. Restore a car with my kids
  41. Make a great pie crust. Hell, make a pie crust, period.
  42. Do a cartwheel
  43. Be in a drag show
  44. Learn to fly fish
  45. Fly fish in New England and Montana
  46. Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge
  47. Drive across the Golden Gate Bridge -done
  48. Get pooped on by a shitton of bats.