The 23rd carnival of Education is up at the Education Wonks. As always, there are great links. I am especially interested in Mrs. Frizzle's dancing dilemma. Please send her any ideas you have.

The other link that really caught my attention is Mr. Babylon's post about physical contact between teachers and students. Not being an educator, that's just something I have never given any thought to. My kids' teachers, thusfar, have all been very affectionate with them. Mrs. B hugs B every day (and most days hugs me, too.) Mr. S. gives B a good-old rub on the head when he does a good job. T would kiss Mrs. C. on Fridays to wish her a good weekend. I understand that as they get older, this will probably stop being appropriate, but for now if I am going to send my boys away all day, I sure do hope they get a hug from someone while they're gone.

Anyway, go check out the carnival!