We went to the book store the other day, a special treat for us, and got a few books. The 6 yr old chose "1000 Facts About Planet Earth". So last night we settle down to read it. It starts off with the big bang theory, and the moves it the 3 eras and 11 periods in earths formation since Precambrian Time. While we're reading about the Big Bang, he asks what part of that God did. So I explain to him that some people believe in God creating the Earth, and some believe in this other way. I tell him how if God created the Earth there's a good chance there was no Ice Age, no dinosaurs, etc. And he replies that we have fossils so science must be right(which is big for him, he really believes in God). So, we get to the Quaternary Period (when humans evolve) and he asks what that means. So I start explaining evolution to him. He's totally fine until we get to the part where human evolve from other animals. He puts his hand up & says, "I did not come from monkeys! God made me!" I thought it was pretty interesting.