the boys

I imagine I will do a lot of writing about my boys, so let me tell you a bit about them. The oldest is 6. He is a gem. He is the most tender, sweet little thing you could ever hope to meet. He won't squish ants because he worries about their mothers. He keeps winning the Rocky Mtn. Optimists award for good citizen at his school. His teachers adore him. His classmates tell me he is the nicest kid in class. He loves science and math. He doesn't like to read fiction books (fake stories, he calls them) but sticks with history & science books.

The youngest is 4. Now, he is something else. People are naturally drawn to him. He is a ham. EVERYTHING is funny to him, or can somehow be turned into something funny. He has a shockingly adult sense of humor. And he really likes to curse. He loves to help, whether it be laundry or mopping or grocery shopping or if you're sad...he's right there to help out. He's the first one to tell you how great you are, or how much he likes your slippers. Did I mention he is completely random? The oddest things come out of his mouth. He is fantastic.