will it never end?

My boys are too old for Sesame Street. They're just at that age where Power Rangers and TMNT are looking pretty good to them. Now I'm fairly open-minded about what they watch on T.V., but I don't really like a lot of what's out there. Because of that, I love Nickelodeon. Right when the kids come home from school, on come this series of cartoons like Jimmy Neutron (who puts the cool back in genius), Fairly Oddparents (funny enough for me to watch without the kids, but makes a consistent point about making good choices), and Spongebob. How can you not love Spongebob? It makes no sense, has no sort of value structure, but it's good, clean fun. That's all it hopes to be...fun.

So it comes as no surprise that it's under attack.

It makes me sad.