destination imagination

My 6 year old is involved in Destination Imagination this year. It is a nation-wide problem-solving program. Teachers volunteer their time to coach classes with parent help. At my school they meet once a week to work on their problem. Kids from the 3rd grade level (maybe 2nd, don't quote me) on up can compete regionally and nationally. Our school has won on at least one level every year for several years now. This year the school decided to offer the early-elementary students the opportunity to participate. D.I. has set challenges for teams to choose from, and the early-elementary challenge is to figure out what happens after a story ends. Our team has chosen Peter Pan. They will come up with a story for what happened to Pan, Wendy and the Lost Boys after the story ended, write a script for it, and perform a play for an audience. They are trying to figure out how to make themselves fly on stage right now. It's pretty exciting!