the last 24 hours

B caught the stomach bug that's been going around, and started puking over dinner last night at our neighborhood diner. He spent most of the day today asleep on the couch. After 2 days of projectile vomiting, Lily decided to sleep all day on my chest. I managed to bust a 101 degree temperature and hold onto in all day. T amused himself by eating Halloween candy. The plumber, who spent an hour here yesterday, came back today at 10 am, only 1 1/2 hours late, and instead of staying 3 hours as he quoted, managed to stay here until 7pm tonight. So my sick kids, and sicker self, went 9 hours with no water and a stranger in the house who had less than a firm grasp of the English language. Wasn't that fun! I have called my husband at work, crying, 5 times already, so needless to say he's in a great mood now.

And I missed half of The West Wing. Argh.