I still love my kids' school

Our elementary school received a nice little write up in the Rocky Mountain News today. We seem to be the bastard neighborhood school, and the local newsletter constantly bashes us in favor of the 95 % white, 90 something percent-not-poor-school we share the neighborhood with. It's refreshing to hear nice things said, too. Nice things like this:

Parents at Teller, a small economically diverse neighborhood school in Congress
Park, are raising $30,000 this year to help pay for two programs that supplement
the DPS reading plan.
The result is that Teller students from impoverished
backgrounds are beating DPS averages on state reading and math tests. The
school's low-income students also outperformed their peers at every other Denver
elementary school in grade 3 math and grade 5 reading.

And here's a few more pictures while I'm thinking about it.