progress report

It's been six weeks since the baby has come, and so it was off to the doctor's today for my checkup. She's says I'm "cleared for normal activity". If that means what I think that means, well then she's got another thing coming.

I did manage to cook a few times this week. After more than a month of spaghettio's and happy meals, I figured the boys could use some decent food. So dad dealt with a screaming baby, we finally ate something decent, and I feel a little more human again. Mind you, it was nothing fancy, just calzones one night, meatloaf the next, but I haven't kneaded a dough in a while and it felt good. It's funny the things you miss when you get too busy.

B has his fall vocal program at school tomorrow night. He has a speaking role with 5 lines to say. He is super crazy excited. He has been home sick all week (104.6 degree fever) and so we have been rehearsing a lot with all the time on our hands. We'll go out for ice cream afterwards to make a big deal of it. It should be a fun night.