Here comes Santa Claus...

In all honesty, now that I've whined sufficiently, I admit that we do have one Christmas Eve tradition outside of watching The Nightmare Before Christmas, Elf (yes Molla, I love it too!), and A Christmas Story. We spend much of Christmas Eve doing what I think is the absolute coolest thing about the holiday...tracking Santa via Norad. I hear that a kid in Colorado Springs was trying to reach the Santa hotline, and dialed Norad instead. The man that answered told her he could see Santa on his radar. History was forged that day. What a freakin' neat thing.

On a side mother in law has started a blog of her Peace Corps experience. She was accepted finally and will leave for somewhere sub-Sahara in July. I would love to link to the blog, but that means that I'd have to go back thorough this one an delete all the venomous things I've said about her.

What would you do?

(P.S. -Since my links don't ever actually look like links, I should add that the title of this post is a link. You should click it.)