October 10th

is the due date. That puts me at 6 weeks pregnant. I thought I was more, but I guess I was wrong. The heartbeat is exceptionally strong for 6 weeks, though. So that's good news.
My oldest son kept the ultrasound picture. He wants to show his class tomorrow. Of course, it looks like a picture of a jellybean. A really small jellybean. But he doesn't care. He's excited to have the picture anyway. So am I.
5 vials of blood drawn, and one ultrasound later, the wait begins. 34 more weeks.
I found that cantaloupe seems to get rid of the morning sickness, at least for a few hours. My neighbor who works at a baby store brought some "Queasy Pops" and some morning sickness elixir. Both organic & all natural. The lollipop worked right away, the elixir takes 3 or 4 days to take effect. So we'll see. If anything helps at all, I'll be grateful. I have been stuck on the couch for almost two weeks, barely able to get up from being so sick to my stomach. Ahhh, the joys of motherhood.