This has been a tough week. Either I have been so nauseous that I can't sit up, or so tired that I can't get up. I suppose I have been so out of it that I have had some time to absorb. So, I had several moments this week that have moved me. Here they are....
Self-image: My little dude & I were goofing around and I said to him, "T, you're a boy genius!" His response, in his exasperated little voice, was, "MOM, I'm not a genius. I'm an artist!"
Literature: Saturday night, in an absolute stupor, I decided to read a book. So I read a whole book. I ran to the book store and stumbled across Douglas Coupland's latest book, Hey, Nostradamus!. I forgot how spell-binding his writing is. No one knows family dysfunction like D.C. The casual beauty of his words drives me to tears.
A fine grasp of semantics: My not so little dude was complaining that his classmates weren't listening during library time again and so they all missed out. "Mom, why do they have to ruin it for all of us? Why can't they just be good? It's just madness!"
Honesty amongst strangers: I met a new mother at the grocery today. She was 30 something with a newborn. T was admiring the baby and we got to pregnancy talk. And guess what? I finally met a woman who was not afraid to discuss with a complete stranger how much pregnancy absolutely sucks. I'm sure some women really love it, but this overwhelming consensus that it's beautiful and fun has got to be bull crap. She and I spent 5 minutes, well, bitching. There's no other word for it. It felt great.
Art: I have 3 things I love, 3 passions that consume me. I love words, I love music, I love photography. Nothing moves me more. I stumbled across a picture of a friend of mine, a candid, black and white, casual little snapshot taken at band practice. I have no idea who took this picture, but I swear to god I don't think I've seen a finer picture ever taken. It's flawless. It is the picture I have had in my head of him since I've known him. It is exactly how I will remember him.

I think that's all. It's been a fuzzy week.