the list

we visited the midwife yesterday. the boys got out of school early to come to the appointment...they were very excited. she did an ultrasound to find out my due date, but couldn't see anything yet. needless to say, the boys were quite disappointed. but it does seemed to have gotten them more excited. we were talking about the new baby today, and the oldest asked me to write down a list for him, a list of things he would teach the baby and a list of things his brother would teach. here's the list:

Tris (the 4 yr old):

how to pick things up

petting dog

eskimo kisses



Bren (the 6 yr old):

piggy back rides

sitting up

riding bike

staring longer

eating by self

playing with dog


brushing teeth

the oldest also listed that he would give the baby these things:

piggy back rides



hugs (he later retracted this, though)


put baby in crib