school lunch

today turned out to be a pretty good day. we got homework all done right after swimming lessons (it doesn't usually work like that without a fight), they ate all their dinner, got to watch fear factor (which they love, much to my chagrin), had a good pillow fight, and went to bed. i love those days.

my 4 year old has been staying after preschool to have lunch in the cafeteria. it makes him feel like a big boy to have lunch packed for him. it make him feel important to have his mom come have lunch with him. of course, this means that every day, i get to go sit with him for lunch, with all the preschoolers who stay full day. they all seems to really like me. and some of the kindergarten kids have been asking if they can sit with me. they see me around school all the time, so i guess now they want to know who i am. so i have this flock of tiny people for about 30 minutes a day. which is fine, i just didn't know how the 6 year old would handle it. i don't think he knows what to make of it yet. some days, he'll tell all the little people to move so he can sit with his mom. and then there's days like today when he sits as far from me a humanly possible and doesn't acknowledge i exist. which doesn't work out so well for him, because all the little ECE and kindergarten kids yell across the cafeteria, "BREN...YOUR MOM"S HERE!!!" it's interesting to me to watch him go through the different phases of wanting his mom and then wanting his independence. i have to say, i'm starting to really like school lunch.