tonight was our ptsa meeting. it was the budget meeting. big stuff. it's surprisingly depressing. based on our enrollment projections for 05-06, we are looking at a possible .5 teacher reduction. we're looking at loosing some of the big programs we love, like reading recovery which ensures all 1st graders are reading at grade level by the time they move to 2nd. yes, all of them. the teacher is great (she's my son's teacher when she's not in reading recovery). we get to keep lindamood bell due to a private grant, thank god! next week is the big meeting to allocate our funds for next year, tonight was just a heads up. last year our ptsa paid for all the para-professionals in the school. we are under budget for the year, and concerned about our level of financial commitment for next year. our next meeting will include a discussion on fresh fundraising ideas. (got any? feel free to mention them!) we really want to find a good, consistent $10,000/year fundraiser. on that note, TellerPallooza is scheduled for May 21. What is that? It's our big annual fundraiser. 4 or 5 local bands volunteer their talents for one night, we charge $10 or $15 a ticket, and everyone gets to see a great local show, kids and all. It's open to the public and ton's o' fun. This year we are switching venues from the Bluebird (concert hall) to the Mercury Cafe (restaurant with concert space) for 2 reasons. The Bluebird couldn't nail down a date, and the Merc is charging us $850 less with a date nailed down tomorrow (they are bumping a gig back a week to accommodate us). that's the kind of fundraiser we like to put on. another happy note: our PE teacher, the one whose half salary the community has helped us pay out of our own pockets for the past few years, was voted the Mile High Teacher for the year at our school. the staff voted for her in a landslide. she's worth every penny, every hour of fundraising we have done. the last biggie is that DPS has given us the o.k. to explore converting our school to a k-8. the committee starts meeting next month. here are some concerns (here's me fishing for advice): how do we get the community involved in this? we'll need support. we will probably need to offer an advanced kindergarten to be competitive in our district, and we will need some special programs available to get authorized for an advanced k class. those programs would obviously need to be supporting each other from k all the way through 8. the question is, what kinds of programs? also, we would have to give up hosting our extreme special needs classes that currently call our school home. We have 2 classrooms dedicated to them, and we'd need that space. are we comfortable sending them elsewhere? lots to think about.
ok, that's off my chest. sorry if this is choppy, i have a migrane and pregnancy prevents me from medicating it. i tried!