walking in a winter wonderland

It is an amazing day out. Today is the kind of day people make postcards of. I bet there will be a lot of babies born come January. It's mind-numbingly beautiful out. Yesterday was 70-ish and sunny. I got a fairly nasty sunburn at the boys' soccer games (we'll get to that in a minute). Today is what they're calling "blizzard-like conditions"...heavy, wet, thick, gorgeous snow. I had to dig myself out of the driveway this morning, and dig myself back into it later. It's completely inappropriate April weather. It's great. I wish I had figured out how to put pictures on the blog.

Ok. Kids soccer game.
T played at 8am, which is earlier than he gets up in the morning. He was a bit crabby. He refused to play the first 20 minutes. After that he seemed fine. When it was his turn to kick off, he dribbled the ball all the way to the goal, and one of his teammates scored a goal (the only goal his team would have that game). He was so mad that HE didn't score the goal that he froze in the middle of the field & his dad had to drag him off. He refused to shake hands with the other team at the end of the game. I had "that kid". Argh. I once told his Gramma that swimming is where I thought he'd do best, because it's an individual sport. Yesterday she agreed with me.
B played at 11:45. Being 7, the game was a bit more interesting to watch. The opposing team were the worst sports I have ever met. They taunted, shoved, argued with the ref. It was discouraging. And they won something like 18-1. B made the only goal his team scored, but refused to take any credit for it. His coach congratulated him, and he said that he really didn't do anything, but thanks. At the end of the game we asked him what he thought. He paused, and said that it was the most fun he's ever had in his whole life.
At least one of them is a good sport.

Gramma told me a funny story. At church one Sunday, T was driving B especially crazy. B went up to Deb (his teacher) and said, "Ms. Deb, my hands REALLY want to hit him, but my head tells me no."