Oh my god! Someone commented! Someone actually reads this! I guess I should stop talking out my ass.
My dad got a job today. He hasn't had one in several years, since a series of heart attacks and surgeries cost him his last one. I am excited for him. I hope it works out.
My sons said the greatest thing I have heard to date. "MOM!!! The Star Wars movie is coming out soon!" Ahhhh. It's nice.
When does my mother-in-law's advice become meddling? She is trying hard to stay out of things, and she has made tons of progress, but since when it is her place to jump down my throat because of how much I'm getting my son for his birthday? "It's just a birthday", is what she said. No, it's not. It one of the two most important days in my life, and I will celebrate it any way I damn well see fit. I'm not spending any more on him than I did on her son for his birthday. And I don't think I should feel like I need to justify any spending to her. I'm just stumped. I don't know how to respond.
My 5 year old is obsessed with his penis, and it's becoming a problem. It's all he talks about. He just doesn't seem to get the idea of inner monologue. He's saying really inappropriate things. I'm afraid this will carry over into school. I don't know how to deal with this. My 7 year old didn't have this problem, he just seemed to get it. How do I deal with this without giving the kid a complex? I have tried to reason with him, to explain that it's a private thing that he shouldn't talk about with others. I have been nice. I have talked. I am done. Today he crossed the line, and I had to draw one. I told him today that the next time he feels the need to talk about his penis in public, I will feel the need to put a bar of soap in his mouth. I hate to do it, but when he went through his lying phase, soap was the only thing that stopped it. I only had to do it once. I hope I wont have to do it again.