things i will miss...

about being in my twenties.

  • Going dancing. Oh, I could I suppose. But it's just lost it's charm for me. A bunch of sweaty kids bouncing around me...Well, I can get that at home. I'm afraid I've outgrow it.
  • Crushes. Don't you worry, I'll still have them. I love a good crush. It just doesn't seem appropriate at MY AGE to be discussing them. Doesn't it seem weird that a thirty-something woman would go see The Amityville Horror simple because Jason Lee has a leading role?
  • The whole MILF thing. Demi Moore pulled it off after 30. I am no Demi Moore. God I'll miss that!
  • Road Trips. I have twice quit a job to take a last minute road trip. Once I quit a job because I needed a cheesesteak and you can only get a good one in Philly. I couldn't get the time off. So I quit, hopped in the car, and drive to Philly. From Denver. Two days later, I ate the best cheesesteak of my life.
  • New music. I have managed to keep up to a degree, but every time The Boxer comes on I have to stop what I'm doing until it's over. Damn that Simon & Garfunkel. I just can't love Britney that much.
  • High Heels. Sorry, I have to have sensible shoes. I will wear Chuckie T's with anything. I have one pair of ridiculously high heels, and doubt I will ever wear them again.
  • An empty fridge. I used to make it months with a can of Gulden's, a 6 pack of Guinness, and some capers. I now go to the grocery every single day. I will hyperventalate if I run out of milk.
  • My metabolism.
  • Indifference. My motto has always been, "To whom it may concern, I am not concerned." I have worked very hard to not give a rat's ass about just about everything. All of a sudden, I care. About politics, the environment, blah blah blah. And I care a great deal. It's weird.

I'm sure there's more. I will be revisiting this issue.