last week

Ok, let's see. Lots of stuff happened last week. First of all, B turned 7! I tucked him in on Wednesday night and told him how much I'd miss my 6 year old, and his reply was, "MOM, you'll meet the 7 year old in the morning!" Thursday morning I asked if he felt older, and he said, "Yes, I sure do!" He doesn't eat cake, so we took him out to ice cream after dinner. He had a great time.

Saturday morning T had soccer. This week was much better. He played well and had fun. He scored a goal (into his own goal, but oh well!) and was so proud! He had about the cutest look I have seen yet on his face.

Saturday afternoon was the city-wide D.I. competition (Destination Imagination). B's team competed at the same time as the other two primary teams from Teller, so we got to see all three. These kids busted their butts! I couldn't believe how great they all were. Even the ECE kids remembered almost all of their lines, and the plays they put on were all really creative and interesting (we are talking 4-8 year olds, so "Grain of salt" would apply here). B's team did Peter Pan, the 1st grade did some story about New York, and the ECE-K did the 3 Little Pigs. Thursday at 2:30 they perform for their classmates at school. I think I'll videotape this one.

My dad came over yesterday. He had forgotten I was pregnant (don't ask, I don't get it either) but he did bring my birthday present. He found me an Alice In Wonderland chess set. I have been looking for one for years. Yes, you can find them around, but I'm picky. I like this one.

I think that's about it. For now. I'll be busy with Tpalooza for the next few weeks.