carnival of education

The 11th Carnival of Education is up. I think these are great for parents to read--they give insight into the minds of our childrens' teachers. Thanks to the Education Wonks for putting it on!

One of the links was to a homeschool parent who asked if business donations to public school wouldn't be better served going to charter schools, vouchers, or homeschoolers. The idea was that, "Businesses have a huge interest in quality education since today's students are tomorrow's employees, yet the majority of their contributions to help education are directed to the same public school system that hasn't been getting the job done for years despite getting oodles of money. In fact, donations to schools are only a tiny fraction of their total funding:... "

I hope that this isn't a widely held view.

The businesses in our community contribute to our school. I'd say roughly 20% of the local businesses donate at least $200 a year. Some businesses have been contributing to our school for over a decade. If they didn't contribute this small amount of money to our school, the classrooms would have no para-professionals this year. Next year, we'd have to cut a teacher. And the enrichment program. That would seriously hurt us. Our business contribtions go to teachers' salaries, music, art, P.E., enirichment...yep, the "the mediocrity you know"as she called it.

The schools are trying to get the job done. These people are not sitting around all day. These poor teachers who struggle every day to improve our children get little support and even less pay. The school districts just only have so much money. There's only so much we can get from them. We rely on business contributions. Heavily. It's not oodles of money when you get down to the per school level, but it sure does help.

It's frustrating to hear people who have chosen to take their kids out of the system rather than try to help it complain about our funding. I am in there, every day, fighting for my local school. Not the prissy one down the street with tons of money that all my neighbors have choiced there kids out to, but my neighborhood school. The one that needs the help.

Not everyone has the option or the ability to homeschool. Some of us need the public school system. I wish more people would just help us, rather than sit back and criticize.