my new favorite thing to read every day...

(besides Think Again which will always have my heart) has got to be world wide rant. I don't know how I can across it, but it's seriously funny. And Andy over there was cool enough to mention Tpalooza for me (thank you thank you thank you).

Here's and example of why I love them so.

Taken from "the Fine Print":

Content of posts: Posts on the blog will vary in their subject matter. Some will amuse you. Some will offend you. Some will have you shake your head in agreement. Some will simply have you shaking your head.
Somewhat militant atheist small-L libertarians with a few neoconservative tendencies will probably feel most at home here. Those who (a) believe in God, (b) support either major political party dogmatically, (c) really really believe in God, (d) accept creationism or intelligent design as legitimate science, (e) think that more taxes are the answer to everything, (f) think that bigger guns are the answer to everything, (g) see every issue as black and white, (h) no shit, believe in God, and (I) are overly sensitive to any commentary on whatever their pet issue may be (and damn they need to thicken up their skin), will probably - at one time or another - be offended by something said on the blog.
Should you find yourself offended, please consider that this is due to one of two conditions - (1) it was intentional, and your offense makes us happier than a little dancing dwarf (or monkey, even), or (2) you have completely missed the point of the post and should probably re-read it before you hit "enter" on your comment and are then subjected to the aforementioned mocking derision.

Read it all here. It just gets better.

But a warning--if you have a weak bladder due to, oh, I don't know, pregnancy, you might want to hold off.