quad screen

I had my last blood draw for a while today. We did the Quad Screen. It's the test where they check for Down Syndrome and open body cavity defects like spina bifida. It's optional, and I assume that's because some people would have the baby no matter what, and some would like the option of not having a severely disabled child. I have opted for the test every time, and spent the 5 days it takes to get the results back sweating bullets. I honestly do not know what I'd do if this test came back with a problem. I'd like to say that I'd just not have the baby, but after this long I'm kind of attached. So that's on my mind.

The next appointment, we get the "big guns" ultrasound. We find out the sex, count the toes, watch it suck it's thumb....and for the first time we can get it taped. Some doctors tape it, some don't. This midwife does. I'm sure I'll post a link to it.