for the love of god & all that's holy....

Can I call names? Please????

This idiot (there, I feel better. I won't do it again) who caught my post on the 13 year old had this to say about me...
"I’ve never been young and pregnant, so I cannot completely relate, but this sentence basically says to me “I abandoned what I believed was right when it became inconvenient for me,” "

OK chump, lets go....

I was very very christian for a very very long time. I was severely abused and told by my mother and my church that I needed to honor my father and mother, shut up and take it. Not too convenient for me. But I took it. For 17 years.

I so so radical christian that I was ostracized by my school classmates for being so different. I actually respected adults and behaved well. All I cared about was pleasing the lord. So I got the shit kicked out of me on a pretty regular basis. Not too convenient for me, but did I abandon my faith? Oh no. I stuck to it. And kept trying to save others.

I was so in love with the lord that every spare moment of my childhood went to him. There were no extra-curricular activities. I never spent a minute outside of school with a non-christian, and the christians I hung out with I was trying to make more christian. Not real convenient for me or my social life, but I stuck with it.

I refused several offers for college because I was going to dedicate my life to the service of god and his will. Now I'm a pretty smart girl, and could've gone to a great college. Maybe I could have actually had a career. But I couldn't imagine pursuing such earthly interests when god needed me. Not to convenient, but I did what was right.

I could go on, but I hate to air such personal laundry.

You want to assume that we non-christians are so fickle that our convictions are subject to our moods? Maybe you should check your facts first.

I don't run around saying that you christians are incapable of coping with life on your own. I don't call your faith a crutch. I don't say a lot of things I'd like to about christians. Because why you're a christian is none of my damn business, and I respect your right to an opinion.

If you ask why I'd take all that shit for so long, I reply with 1 Corinthians 10:13.
And yes, god is not in capitals.
I don't capitalize the name of fictional characters.