sometimes you feel like a nut...

today I didn't.

The women in my family are f'ing nuts.

My step mother was upset that I didn't call her to say happy mothers day. Let me give you a little background on this. This woman spent the only 3 years I had ever lived with my father making my life as difficult as possible so I'd move out. It got so bad that my father had to throw her out for a short time. She was down-right nasty. She has never once helped in any way with my children. She introduces me as Ed's daughter. My OB had to ask her to leave the delivery room when I was in labor with T because she was being so obnoxious and mean that I was becoming overly upset. I am not invited to her family's functions. And this is the woman I'm supposed to swoon over on mother's day. Please.

My sister in law J has a 13 year old son. My sister in law R thinks that she has had some roll in his upbringing that entitles her to mother status. She actually pursued suing J for custody of him once. J just spent 10 days in Mexico on her honeymoon, and R watched Ed during this time. She was out & about with him one day referring to him as her son (as she has done his whole life) and Ed finally corrected her. He said, "No, you're my aunt. I have a mom." She replied that, well, she was like his other mom. He again told her no, she wasn't. "You're my AUNT" he said. She actually got mad at him for this.

Now, this woman has never lived in the same state as this child. He has spent his share of summers with her, but that's all. She has never offered her sister, a single mother with an abusive ex, a dime of monetary help or any emotional support. She simply takes her nephew for a week or two here or there as it is convenient for her, and this supposedly should earn her mother status. Ed did not buy her a mother's day gift while he was staying with her. She freaked out.

Crazy, crazy, crazy girls.