filthy little children

I swear to god, they're walking Petri dishes!

T has this weird rash that looks like hives, and B has a really sore throat. So off to the doctor we go. Again. Turns out, they have a virus called Fifth's Disease that causes lace-like rashes over the whole body. The sun turns the delicate rash into a hive-like rash. There is, of course, nothing we can do about it, and it should be gone in a week or too. So, no school today.

Just to keep it interesting, the doc's ask if they've been in contact with any pregnant woman.

Great. Turns out, if I haven't already had this virus, it can be pretty nasty to a fetus. No one's worried. They say every kid get it sometime (like chicken pox) and I most likely have, too. They'll draw some (more) blood, and that's that.

Seriously. I have had enough to deal with during this pregnancy. The next 21 weeks will be spent in a bubble. I don't know what else to do.