baby thoughts

I am amazed at how many people have offered help in some way with the new baby. Besides the billion babysitting offers, a mom on T's soccer league has offered to give me all of her old baby stuff. Her daughter is 1 1/2 and doesn't need a bouncy seat, infant car seat and stroller or baby tub anymore, so she's giving me all that stuff. A mom from the boys' school, who I really don't know but in passing, called last night to offer me her high chair. Her twins are 2 and don't use it anymore.

I am touched by their generosity. When I was 23 & having kids, no one gave me anything. Ahhh, grown-ups.

On the high chair note, I have never had a high chair before. I just never felt the need. I had a seat that clipped onto the end of a table and a booster seat. I used them for both boys. They worked just fine, and took up no space at all. I rather liked having the kids right up at the table with us. I imagine a high chair will take some getting used to.

I also never had a toddler bed for either kid. They went straight from crib to twin sized bed. A month or two with a guard rail and they got the idea of not rolling out of the bed. I wonder, will I do the same with Lily, or will she get the cute little bed? I guess we'll see.