in defense of the bible (did I just say that??)

The Education Wonks posted today about bible reading being banned during the school day. Oh my lord.

We all know I am not a religious person. And now I will tell you why I think this is absolute crap.

When I was in school, recess was spent trying to avoid getting beat up or felt up. It was not fun. I think it stops being fun for most kids come 6th grade or so, and before that it's pretty stressful. I would imagine that reading would be on the top of any educators' list of preferred recess activities. They are making it illegal for these kids to READ. What is irrelevant. I understand that the mom who complained probably didn't want her kid preached to, but seriously, there are worse things.

Do we not have enough banned books in the world? I am slowly acquiring a nice selection of books that are banned in most public school districts, because those are the books I want my kids reading. Go Ask Alice kept me and several of my friends drug free for a very long time. All of my kids will be required to read it. Lolita is one of the most beautiful books I've ever read. The way his Russian translates into English is pure poetry. My kids will read that, too. The bible is really entertaining. I have 5 different copies. I hope my kids read that one, too.

They teach creation still, don't they. Let's stand up, fight, kick, scream, wail to stop that. That's damaging. It's teaching outright lies. Stop fussing about the books they read & fight for something important.

In support, I don't think kids should be allowed to bring ANYTHING to school that isn't class or lunch related. You go to school to be taught. From a curriculum. Kids can't bring toys to school. They shouldn't bring outside books. If the kids have to read so badly at recess time, maybe they should open their history book & do some homework. If you want your kids to learn a religion, teach them at HOME.