screw banning the bible...

Not to be outdone, Bend, Oregon, is crusading against hugs.

At least in one middle school.

Maybe they just don't have anything better to do.

I thought that was all I had to say, but I was wrong. Someone did a study of drivers behavior at stoplights once. The study involved sitting at traffic lights across the nation well after they'd turned green, just to see the reaction of other drivers. In New York & L.A., of course, they got cursed at and honked at, and they swerved around. Similar results were returned across much of the country. In Oregon, however, an overwhelming percentage of drivers would get out of their cars, walk up to yours, and make sure you were ok. This is a state full of really nice people. Ever been there? It's lovely. Why the hell anyone there is in a fuss about a hug, I'll never understand.