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It is past noon on the 19th, and I still haven't seen the final Star Wars. The good news is, I've known how it'll end for 25 years or so, so I don't feel like I have to hurry off to see it.

Ok. Other stuff. I read the damn paper the other day. I never do that. I struggle enough to deal with my own craziness to invite in the rest of the worlds'. But every now & then I can't resist. This is what I found.

West High School in Denver has printed the cover of their yearbook in Spanish. At first I was annoyed by this, and then I read some of the arguments for it and my feelings softened. And then I read this...

"Senior Jesus Dorado, 18, edited the yearbook and said he expected some angry phone calls.
One came from a student's grandfather, he said.
"The majority of our peers in our school are Hispanic," Dorado said. "The majority are Spanish-speaking. I know we have to adapt to the place we are in, but, like it or not, the Hispanic community is growing."
Although English is the dominant language now, Dorado said, that may not be the case in a couple of years."
Yep. There is goes. All my understanding right out the door.
I think I am very wrong to feel the following way, but I feel it, so here goes.
We live in America. You know, that little country above Mexico and below Canada where they speak ENGLISH. It is the national language. It will always be the national language. And the flag isn't gonna turn green & red ever, either.
Every country has its language. Some have a few. We only have one. Why can't the people who live here at least speak the given language here? In France, you have to speak French. It's their language. They aren't going to cater to you if you choose to not learn their language. But here, we'll cater to anyone who decides they just aren't interested in English. How many kids every year enter the public school system speaking NO English? A lot. The education system has to assume the burden of getting these kids up to a level where they can understand what they are being taught before it can be taught to them. I'm sorry, but their parents have had 5 years to do this. It's their job. They know their kid is going to and English speaking school in an English speaking country. Take some freaking responsibility. Learn the language. Use them both if you want, but at least learn it. (Why is it ok that I have to pay a lot of money if I want my kids to learn a second language, but the state will pick up the tab for these families? I say, bill them.) And teach your kids some pride in their country while you're at it. I may have my problems with the current government, but I understand that I am a very lucky girl to live her. I appreciate it. These kids could use a dose of that gratitude.
I would bet this boy in a citizen, born and raised in America. My ancestors are Russian, but I was born here and I speak the f'ing language here. If the language is going to be changed, maybe we should consult with the Native Americans who actually have room to complain about their language not being spoken.
Ok, there's my very intolerant, un-p.c. opinion on that. And poorly worded, at that. Sorry.
Next in the news. The smoking ban did not pass. I am sad, and surprised, but it'll be ok. The proposed bill wasn't very good. It gave no elbow room. And a bill like this needs some leeway. But Denver itself is looking into a ban. I think it's much better that the state-wide one.
"His proposal outlaws smoking in bars, restaurants, bingo parlors, offices and a variety of other workplaces.
"It's pretty much anywhere the public goes," Hancock said.
The proposal offers only a few exemptions, including:
• A person's home or vehicle.
• Twenty percent of a hotel's rooms.
• Smoking lounges at Denver International Airport.
• Tobacco stores or cigar bars.
• Private clubs.
• Outdoor patios.
Hancock said he will consult with the other 12 City Council members before introducing his measure in a couple of weeks. But, he said, he's unwilling to gut the measure by agreeing to a bunch of exemptions."
I personally would like to see it banned from outdoor patios attached to restaurants, but I know that will never fly. I do feel that it's very important for businesses to have the option of being all-smoking, like a cigar bar or tobacco shop. It's really only fair. Yes, it's gross and definately going to kill you, but smokers should be able to make that choice for themselves. Non smokers deserve non smoking environments, and smokers should be allowed the same.
I am fairly sure that if it were to pass, the cigar bar that I work at would stop selling cigars and go all non smoking from our current all-smoking. The manangement has been waiting for the legally mandated excuse to do it, anyway. I think that would be swell. I hope the bill passes.
And I smoke. (Well, I did until Lily came along.)