Another Carnival of Education is up!

The 15th Carnival of Education is up. Actually, it has been for a while. Lazy, lazy me.

It links to a post from A Series of Inconsequential Events about a Parent Volunteer Appreciation Week. The school had a luncheon in which the teachers waited on the parents for a sit-down lunch.

Sounds harmless? Read what all was involved.

I volunteer a lot at my kids' school. Some teachers say thank you, some don't. I couldn't care less. They have enough to do without having to coddle me. too. I find it appalling that anyone let this go on. I would NEVER attend such a function.

It would have been so nice if someone said, hey, let's have a thank you luncheon for the parents. Teachers, meet us after school for coffee & cake and lets all sit down together and enjoy some well earned social time together.

As a matter of fact, I think I might invite the teachers I volunteer for over for coffee and cake next weekend. They deserve a treat.