my friends are so creative....

Two of my pals have recently been written up in local newspapers. It warms my heart.

My friend Sam has just launched a line of maternity clothes called Bloom Maternity. So far she just has tops, but I have to say I am in love with them. I have 2 and wear them everywhere. They work just as well after the kiddo is born as they do during pregnancy. Here's her website. She was expecting to get a full review in the Denver Post, but only got a little blurb after this article. Her disappointment has been laid to rest since she has begun received massive interest from companies nation-wide who want to carry her line. All from a blurb. Go, Sam!

My buddy Chris, computer geek by day, rock star by night, (and much sexier than Kip Dynamite) plays the upright bass in a damn good local Denver rockabilly band. I have been surprised by how little I hear about them around town. They're great, and I wish more people here knew it. Westword magazine is doing there annual vote-for-the-best-band contest, and though his band wasn't in the list of nominations, it did get a nice little review. I love stumbling across that stuff in the paper.