baby news week 20

My daughter is beautiful. We had another ultrasound today. We actually could relax through this one, since no one was looking for genetic defects. For the first time in a while, a doctor told us that everything was fine. She used the word perfect. I love that word.

They gave us lots of pictures. We have profile shots, full-frontal nudity shots, pictures of her feet, blah blah blah....

She looks like T, I think.

Turns out that my placenta is in the front of my uterus, which from your angle puts it right behind my belly button. That explains why I'm sticking out so far already and why I can only feel her kick on my sides.

I, of course, can't sleep, can't get my nose to stop bleeding, can't walk very fast or far, can't stop eating watermelon, can no longer see certain body parts that I think I should be able to check up on at a moments notice, have outgrow every bra I own, need to take 18 showers a day, am getting larger even though I have lost weight, am getting seriously annoyed by my over-protective dog, and am in general a big fat bore to be around.

But the baby's fine, and so I am happy.