you can't be serious

I had to run out for milk last night, and I had talk radio on the dial. The DJ was interviewing a police officer in some beach town who was trying to justify a practice they have of approaching parents while they diapers their children, apply sunscreen, or watch their wet children play on shore and ask the parents if they are receiving some sort of sexual "kick" out of it.


I should say here that I didn't listen very long, for the 7-11 is 2 minutes away and I was really, really angry about it. I couldn't have listened for too long. I wish now I had caught the whole thing.

What I did catch was this man stating that most molestation occurs by a family member, and that parents who weren't getting a "kick" were asked to just bear with them while they did their job. This guy was dead serious. He seems to actually think it's OK to walk around accusing every parent he sees of child molestation. What about breastfeeding mothers? Does he ask them the same question? Does he think that is sexual, too?

I honestly don't know what to say about this. I am blown away. I can't imagine that this is in any way legal. It is certainly disrespectful. I would think they are leaving themselves wide open for some nasty lawsuits. I imagine I would punch someone in the face who asked me that question. I would also be fairly skeptical of anyone who spent an entire day following around mothers with children whose diapers were off, or who were getting rubbed with lotion, and then spent several minutes asking them sexually suggestive question. Maybe these people have the problem.

I've been searching online all morning trying to find something about this, but I have come up dry so far. I will post the first link I can find.