My husband's cousin is getting married next month, and today is her bridal shower. I wasn't planning on going since I'm moving in 4 days and need to pack, but alas, I caved.

The theme of her party is lingerie. This presents some serious challenges for me. First, I despise spending as much time as I have thinking about my relatives having sex. Second, I own 2 bras and maybe 5 pairs of panties. I am not a big fan of the undergarment. Never have been. The only time I use them regularly is during pregnancy, and those of you who have gone through a pregnancy understand why. Needless to say, I have never ever purchased a single lingerie garment. I'm just not that kind of girl. So, I have absolutely no idea what to get. She was supposed to have registered at V-Secret, but they don't have any record of it.


Anywho, long story short, I gave up pretty quickly. I decided to stick to what I do know. I ran down to the sex shop in the neighborhood and got her some strawberry flavored body dust and a little feather duster, some chocolate body paint and a pair of racy dice.

My logic behind this is....
You spend all this time getting yourself into what amounts to a few pieces of string, throw on some makeup that accentuates those shreds of fabric, pull your hair up, maybe pop on some high heels shoes, and after the hour or so it takes to get all this together, five minutes later it's all crumpled on the the floor. What's the point?

I hope she likes what I got her. I'm really just looking out for her interests.