cinco de mayo!

Why do keyboards not have the upside down exclamation mark or question mark?

I wish mine did.

Anyways, it's 05/05/05. Sweet.

My oldest has his "last test of first grade" today. He is excited. He had two servings of breakfast, and got to school 30 minutes early to play on the playground. Both things, he said, would give him 'lots of energy so he could do really good on his test'. It's a math test, so I let the really good thing slide. He is only seven after all.

My friend and I were scheduled for a severely overdue lunch date today. I, however, had to reschedule for tomorrow because I managed to get some nasty 24-that-has-turned-into-48-hour bug. I don't feel as bad as I did on Tuesday, but I had better be ready to go tomorrow. I hate to cancel a date.

Oh yeah....
We told the boys about the impending sister. T couldn't care less (I guess a baby is a baby no matter what), and B said that he wasn't excited before, but now he is. I think a little sister will suit him just fine.

Only 6-12 days until I get the amnio results.

Everything I a capable of crossing is crossed.