My 5 year old planted me a flower at school. I got that last week. It's growing nicely. My seven year old made me a paper flower and a card at school. On each petal of the flower he has written a different thing, like "I will do chores on Saturday" or "One Free Kiss". The card was a fill-in-the-blank thingy. It slayed me.

"All About The World's Best Mom.
This is what she looks like today.
(insert picture he drew here)
My mom's name is Shanon. (spelled wrong)
She is 30 years old (who told him???) and has blue eyes and brown with black hair. This is what she looked like when she was a baby. (insert other picture he drew here)
Mom's favorite food is Hawaiian fish tacos. Her favorite toys are Alice in Wonderland. Whenever we are together, this is what I like best:
We snuggle. We watch cartoons.
I wish I could do something nice for mom like:
live with her forever.
always be together.
I know my mom loves me because I'm special. She's always with me."

Granted, I have corrected for spelling so it's not quite as cute, but come on. That's freaking awesome.