well, it's Friday...

And that's as exciting as it gets. It's raining out, so swim team try-outs were cancelled and B is upset. Josh and I actually get to go on a date tonight, and my great paddle-boat in City park idea is getting rained away as we speak. Now, I don't want to come across as the overly mushy type of chick who thinks paddle-boat rides with your boy are tragically romantic...I'm just concerned about the size of my thighs these days and thought some cleverly disguised exercise would do them some good.

Speaking of City Park, they have a lovely little fountain that shoots water jets for the kids to play in all summer long. We went the other day and had an absolute blast. I meant to take pictures, but alas, the batteries died in the camera on the first shot. It's a terribly scenic spot in the park, high up enough to see the mountains, right in between the Museum of Natural History and the Denver Zoo. I'll bring fresh batteries next time.

We also did some gardening this week. I tried to get the boys to help pull weeds, but that only lasted about 10 minutes. So I had B raking for me. T decided that he wanted to rake, too, and so asked, "Mom, can I be the rank boy? I want to rank."

Rank. It's cute.

Other cute mispronunciation that we encourage for the sheer adorability of them:
Explode: Kasplode
Next to: Beenext to
Graduate: Granulate

Of course, that's all I can remember right now. The rest will come to me later, I'm sure.