100 (dirty little) things about me:

  1. Joe Vs. the Volcano is my all-time, favorite movie.
  2. Amazing Grace is still my favorite song.
  3. I really, really like roller skates.
  4. I love Douglas Adams.
  5. I can't stand anything in my nose.
  6. Or ears.
  7. I still bite my fingernails all the time.
  8. I love to smoke cigarettes. I quit, but I'm not happy about it.
  9. I wish I was Italian.
  10. I hate my mother.
  11. But I still think she's the most interesting person I've ever met.
  12. I wish I'd met MLK Jr.
  13. I hate pregnancy.
  14. I cannot merge into highway traffic wearing sunglasses or with the window up.
  15. I seem to be incapable of closing a drawer. So much so that I took the cabinet doors off in the kitchen because I got sick of hearing my husband bitch about them being left open all the time.
  16. I absolutely love the smells of gasoline and bleach.
  17. I also love the smell of a man who has spent an entire summer day under the hood of a car.
  18. Cuticles gross me out.
  19. I can write backwards perfectly and with as much ease as writing normally.
  20. When reading aloud, I have to read upside-down. Not so when reading silently.
  21. I constantly count everything. Especially my steps.
  22. I cannot forget phone numbers once I write them down.
  23. I will almost always write them down backwards, but read them back correctly.
  24. The older I get, the more I like pink.
  25. I am really, really good at copying people's handwriting. Disturbingly so.
  26. Ican't wait until my kids go to college.
  27. I have no idea what I'm going to do when my kids go to college.
  28. I wish I could still hop in the car and disappear for weeks on end.
  29. I have never left the USA.
  30. I won't leave to visit anywhere else until I've driven through every state iof the union.
  31. I secretly wish I lived in Texas.
  32. I hate being drunk.
  33. I can't stand pot, but I love a good contact high.
  34. I have never taken a drug in my life.
  35. If I could, I'd be a speed freak.
  36. Or a huffer.
  37. I used to be a "carver".
  38. I sometimes miss it.
  39. My brother and I made a pact as children to pick our noses and scabs as much as we could, because our parents had told us we couldn't.
  40. I am really, really good friends with all of my ex's.
  41. I still can't believe I got married to the guy I did. I was honestly just trying to sleep with him.
  42. I love going to the dentist.
  43. I have 10 siblings, and only talk to 2 of them.
  44. I don't miss the other 8.
  45. I really dislike my mother-in-law.
  46. That's not saying much...I really dislike my parents, too.
  47. I say really way to much.
  48. I write right handed, but do most everything else left handed.
  49. I keep trying to write left handed, too.
  50. I love Old Spice. I can't resist anyone who wears it.
  51. I don't like animals. The zoo bugs me, I don't like dogs or cats, and I kill every bug I can.