I just read this. So, Pink Floyd is thinking about playing together again? What body part can I sacrifice to be in attendance? I have missed every chance given to me so far to see them. I bet I'll miss this one, too.

One the subject of the Line 8 concert, I didn't exactly have tickets to the original Live Aid, but I still ended up with pretty sweet seats. The story goes something like this:

1985. Me, age 10. We were all in the car on our way to the Vet (Veteran's Stadium, Phila, PA. 1971-2004) and stuck badly on the Schuykill Bridge. We were heading to the Vet for the annual District Convention (thousands of Jehovah's Witnesses all together for a weekend). In the same parking lot as the dear old Vet stood the even dearer, ever older JKF Stadium (death trap, 1925-1992). Interesting side note about JFK...the only Lollapalooza concert ever held in Philly was held in the big hole in the ground where JFK once stood. Anyway, we're sitting on the bridge, waiting, and all we can hear in Joan Jett. Now, my mother is a freakishly devout JW, but few things get to her like Joan Jett can. She had a whole angel on one shoulder-devil on the other situation going on. She caved to the good side and we shuffled off the church. Well, the Vet is a nice, open, airy stadium and if you climb up high enough, you can stand by the railing and look down into JFK. And that's exactly what we did. For the whole day. So much for church.

That day I fell in love with live rock.

It was the beginning of the end of my love affair with the big guy in the sky.

What a show. I hope this new one is as good.