quite the morning

Where to start?

Hmmm...I was up until 3 for no good reason, just couldn't sleep. At 4 B woke up, hysterical, for no good reason. Just couldn't sleep. Of course, he sent T to tell me this (must be nice to have a little servant). At 8 they both got up again wanting to play N-64. And B's throat was sore for the 3rd day in a row. So I tell them to get their room cleaned up and make their beds while I call the doctor. By 10, the room was clean enough to let them play games. The doctor's appt is scheduled for 11, so I have them get dressed before the games go on. Five minutes after sending them to get dressed, T starts screaming little a banshee. He has stuck his finger in a hole and can't get it out. I'm tired, and really in no mood for this, and rather than be good consoling mom, I ask him what part of getting dressed involves sticking his finger in a hole. This, of course, only makes him scream more. Some vegetable oil and a q-tip later, the finger is removed and he gets dressed.

20 minutes of games, then off to the doctor. I have promised B no shots, only a q-tip in the throat to check for strep. He takes the swab like a champ and everyone is impressed. And sure as hell is hot, he has strep. The doctor gives him the option of 10 days of antibiotics or one shot, right then, and all done. I opt for the shot. B does not. We begin negotiations and he settles on the shot in exchanges for popsicles AND a toy from the toy chest for both he and his brother (he's good at this). Of course, he is only willing to take the shot in the arm. Well, the nurse comes in and informs him the shot will be in the butt. Not Happy. He lays on his stomach and begins to cry. He continues to wail uncontrollably for 10 minutes after the shot goes in. This is the kid who can swallow pills at age 7 and enjoys having blood drawn. Evidently, he doesn't like his booty being messed with.

All has calmed down. Sorry, I had to vent. That's a lot of drama for a Tuesday.

I almost forgot: I found T hiding under the chair in the doctor's office because he was afraid of his brothers' shot. Under the chair, covering his eyes. Beautiful.