all the pool. none of the burn.

We went to a new pool today. I tend to stay away from public pools during the summer. I'm not a germ freak, I have just come home too many times to find that the boys have caught something nasty. Anyway, we headed on down to this one, and I gotta say, I really liked it.

Reason one: It's indoors. No sunburn. Being of Scotch/Irish/Ukrainian descent, I have no pigment in my skin and tend to burn a little more easily than others.

Reason two: It wasn't crowded at all. I assume everyone was at an outdoor poll, being lovely weather & all. We had about 15 other kids to work around.

Reason three: It's small. The lifeguards could see everything. I appreciate that.

Reason four: There are two pools. One is the standard up-to-10-feet-or-so pool. The other is a kiddy pool. My boys, being 5 & 7, won;t go within 100 ft. Of a baby pool. But click the link above and check out the picture. That's the baby pool. It has a section that goes to 2 ft., and that has this whole automated waterworks thingy. It kinda looks like the game Mousetrap, but it really works. Uber cool. The back half has a monstrous waterslide. The great part is the whole thing doesn't do more than 3' 6" deep. And the pool at the bottom of the slide is so small that I could just sit on the edge and jump in if needed. I was never more than one step away from the kids, not that they ever needed me. Little, little kids could do this alone.