the tooth fairy is coming

B lost his tooth today. It has been loose for 2+ months. He is the type of kid who will not wiggle it or twist it. He wants it to fall out naturally. He was very excited (of course). The problem is, we lost the tooth. We put it in a Ziplock but didn't close it properly, and now the tooth is gone. So he wrote her a note saying, "Sorry I lost my tooth. Can you find it?" He drew a picture of the missing tooth to help her out.

We have this thing we do when a tooth comes out. We go outside right before bed and choose a "wishing star". Then we all take turns wishing for the tooth fairy to come and take my/my brother's/my son's lost tooth. It's a nice way to include all the kids in the one kids excitement.

We just got that done, and they are off to bed to await her arrival. I hope she can find the tooth before the dog does.