hello again

Whew. We moved. Moving sucks.

Day three and we're almost completely unpacked. I think that's good.

My kids have a huge lump in the middle of the playroom floor that they call the dead body. Matter of fact, they call the room "The Dead Body Room." I love that. My daughter's room contains only one armoire complete with a bath robe, a baby monitor and the f'ing cutest socks you have ever seen in your whole damn life. My friend picked them up in Sante Fe. I wish they fit me.

My hands are still swollen from painting and scrubbing, my feet are killing me and my old stretch marks are stretching again. Fun fun fun!

I have too much to do to have anything terribly witty to say right now, plus my friend lost her brother last week and that's really heavy on my mind these days. Maybe later.