well I'm leaving on a jet plane...

My mother-in-law has decided to apply to the Peace Corps. It has been a life-long dream of hers. Last summer, she took a trip to Africa (another dream fulfilled) and fell in love. She has decided to work for two years in Africa serving with the Peace Corps. Originally, she wanted to work with mothers and children with AIDS. But her passion lies with end-of-life services, and being a retired financial advisor, this seems to suit her better. She has decided to work instead with women who are dying of AIDS, not for financial advice, but helping them find peace in their final hours.

As much as she's not my favorite person, sometimes I gotta love her.

Lily will be 5 months when she leaves and won't meet her again until she's almost 3. My kids have always had Grandma around. She's the only grandparent they have that's worth a shit. I am excited for her, but sad for my little ones. She will be missed.

My sons' godmother, Jessica, just graduated college. She is now certified to teach. Her talents and training lie in Spanish-speaking populations, specifically at-risk children and teens who do not or will not speak English. She has no desire to teach where she is not absolutely necessary. She will live in a ghetto somewhere and work with children who need her. Before she does this, however, she is taking a year off and moving to Costa Rica where she will be a bi-lingual tutor to two children who's parents want them to learn English.

The catch here is that she was planning on being here for Lily's birth. We met when B was 8 months old, so she missed his, and she was babysitting B while I was having T, so she missed his, too. This was the one she was going to see. She has been begging me for a god-daughter for 7 years now. No one is more excited for this baby than she is. And now she will miss it. We are both heart-broken. But alas, she must go live on the beach with a Coleman grill, teach a few kids, and have sex with surfer boys. (Did I mention that she's going to live in a huge surfing town?) She will write poetry and be inspired. I think I envy her.

So both of these women, who are very important to my kids, are planning on leaving the country. Both are tossing around the idea of not coming back. What can I say? They are free spirits, both of them. They crave something outside of the lives they have here. I am sad, and a bit stunned, that this is happening all at the same time, but I am excited for both of them.