a few random thoughts from today

Question...is god damn it a swear word? My thoughts are this: I was taught that it was. I was also raised in a cult, so toss what I was taught out the window. Most people will agree that god actually has an intended name. Of those people, most would agree that the original Hebrew spelling of that name turns out to be YHWH. Now that can translate any number of ways, since the Hebrew language does not contain vowels. The most common translation of that is Yahweh, which then translates to Iehovah, or in a more modern light, Jehovah. (yeah, I like Hebrew.) So it seems to me that god is just the title given to Jehovah, and therefore Jehovah damn it or Jumpin' Jehovahs! would be blasphemous, but simple damning the title god wouldn't be.

Off of that, on to this...There again is the buzz about my husband getting promoted. I have substantially less faith in the buzz this time than I have in times past, but it's still something to think about. In case you don't know, he's a sommelier in a ridiculously snooty steak house in Denver. The promotion would make him the Maitre D' and general manager of a different restaurant within the same company. This would be nice for several reasons, the biggest one being that I would not have to go back to work after Lily comes. I'm sure I would anyway, but I wouldn't have to. I'm certainly not holding my breath, but the word is out there.

On that not getting my hopes up theme, I went looking at real estate in what would be our new zip code (all hypothetical) and found 2 houses that I love, that I then realized were both less than a mile away from my dear friend Sheryl. Tee hee.