Church Chat

My kids love Jesus. I have done everything reasonable to downplay this, but it's out of my hands now. An atheist and an agnostic created two zealots.

We are not innocent in this, I'll admit. When Grandma first started taking them to church, we protested wildly. Then we thought about it like rational people and realized that it's just church. It's better than Enimen. Besides, they go to church preschool. All they do is draw and play with playdough. Of course they love it. And then the questions started rolling in...Why is the sky blue and why do I have a nose here and not over there and on and on. And honestly, the easiest answer is because god made it that way. After hundreds of conversations trying to explain genetics or the theory of relativity to a four year old, I'll take the easy way out. Lazy, I know, but it works in a pinch.

So here I am, with god-fearing, Jesus -worshiping kids. AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!

I bring this up because B has gotten worse. For example, my mother-in-law keeps trying to give us nativity shit. I have tried to explain that I am only in support of the commercial aspects of Christmas, but she won't let up. Well, she stopped by the other day with some Christmas lights for us, and LOW & BEHOLD there is a picture of the nativity scene stashed in the box. And guess who found it? So now my 7 year old son has a picture of Jesus next to his bed. What was I supposed to do? He's got Tony Hawk on his wall. It seemed on fair to let him keep it.

The other night B and Josh were out on the lawn watching the stars (at 4 in the morning...Another story for another day) and Josh is explaining to him about gravitational pull and the speed of light, when B adds that god made all of those things. Josh asks him where he heard that, and he said that his teacher told him.

Josh was horrified. He is now on a crusade to protest religion of any sort being taught in school. He will be having "a word" with said teacher when school starts.

The other problem is that B has moved up to Sunday school. Of course, Grandma didn't think to ask me if this was ok, even though I have made it perfectly clear that any and all biblical education is to come from ME and me alone. So there he is, and he loves it. Now his head is filling up with things I flat out don't agree with, and I don't know what to do. He'll be so sad if I don't let him go to church. My only thought is that Grandma is probably leaving in March to go into the Peace Corps, so if I can just hold out until then....

Am I an idiot for freaking out about my kids being interested in religion? I am torn.