I've been a bad, bad girl

If anyone knows what I've done, could you please tell me! The level of bad karma being flung my way is making me want to sit in a dark room for a few weeks.

First, my windshield gets ruined.
Then, my f'ing coffee pot breaks. Soooo not ok.
After that, my (brand new) lawn mower gets stolen out of my garage. The good news there is that the only way someone could have gotten into my garage is to have hopped the fence, walked through my back yard, and entered through the side door on the garage. That's comforting.
Next, the fridge breaks. We got to go 2 whole days with no milk or ice. Good thing it's been in the 90's. Who needs ice?
Then, after the 3rd trip to the shop, I come to realize that my back right brake will just never ever stop squeaking.
To top it all off, all but 2 of my houseplants died.
And this morning, I get in Josh's car (he's got mine playing golf) to go to the store to get milk because the new fridge is finally cold, and his god damn car won't start.

On a happier note, a very cute boy did send me a Jesus-loves-you-o-gram in my email this week. Clearly it was wrong, but the thought was, well, creepy.