I have been thinking about overrated music. Hard to do without considering the underrated music as well. My list by band:
jane's addiction: over-jane says and been caught stealing. under-three days. lyrically stunning and arranged geniously.
janis ian: over-society's child. under-at seventeen.
soul asylum: over-everything you've ever heard. under-cartoon on hang time. pre sell out. nice.
elvis: over-everything he did sober. under-everything he did drunk. example? never been to spain live at madison square garden. dag yo!
joni mitchell: over-big yellow taxi. a fine song, but she's done better. under-raised on robbery. can't believe no one's snagged it for a movie soundtrack yet.
counting crows: over-pick any one of their top 40 hits. under-colorblind, but more so sullivan street.
rem: over-losing my religion. under-me in honey. stipes should be contratually obligated to sing with that chick from the B-52's once on every album.
sting: over-sacred love. under-sister moon. for that matter, the entire nothing like the sun album.
blues traveler: over-runaround. under-alone/sweet talkin' hippie.
10,000 maniacs: over-don't talk. under-verdi cries.
cake: tough one. over-going the distance. under-nugget.
dave matthews: over-ants marching. under-proudest monkey.
del amitri: over-roll with me. god, why did they write that? under: driving with the brakes on.
hootie & the blowfish: over-all of it. (except for) under-tootie. and they covered closing time. very, very well, i might add.
kermit the frog: over-rainbow connection. under- me first and the gimmie gimmies covering rainbow connection. brilliant.
simon and garfunkel: over-bridge over troubled water. under-the 7 o'clock news.
toad the wet sprocket: over-good intentions. under: i will not take these things for granted. or pray your gods.
tori amos: over: well, none of it, really. under-her cover tunes. have you heard her sing only women bleed? seriously. oh yeah, song for eric should have gotten a lot more atttention.
violent femmes: over-blister in the sun. please, god, make it stop. under-i held her in my arms. and out the window.
such great heights: you know, that song in the new m&m commercial? well, that band is iron and wine(over). and as much as i love that version, the postal service did the original, and has not gotten any recogntion for it(under).
pink floyd: i know that i will not be safe after saying this, but here goes nothing....over: dark side of the moon. now, don't get me wrong. i think it's one of the finest albums ever made. i'm simply saying that i think meddle is a better album, all & all. didn't you ever put the needle down on side 2, turn the lights off, and get lost in echoes? well, if you haven't, go buy a record player, the record (not cd), and a candle. prepare to be blown away.

generally underrated stuff:
weezer. why aren't they the biggest band out right now? why haven't they been for the last decade or so?
same thing with radiohead? which leads to...
underrated "mood" music: over-anything involving barry white. seriously, is that a joke? does he really "do it" for people? under-ok computer, radiohead. je. sus. try it, you'll see.
album everyone should own: rabbit songs, HEM. freakin' fabulous CD. my friend described it as hank williams meets tori amos. just trust me, go buy it.
justin timberlake: i hang my head in shame to say it, but it's true. i hate him for making such mtv driven crap music, but the kid's a genius when he thinks no one's looking. he's MJ without all the molestation.